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There are SO many really terrific and very creative people living here in Prince Edward County, and each business or endeavor is as unique and inspired as the people who manage them. Ultimately, I think that's a huge part of what makes this place so special for me. So! I thought it would be a really fun exercise to try to capture the different characters that I've come across in our time here, and perhaps even a few who arrived here WAY before our time.

These are some of the profiles I've done so far, and they are in no particular order. I'll keep adding to this page as I go along. You can click on any of the images here - and each should take you to a page with a little more info on who they are and why I think they are pretty awesome. I'm HUGELY passionate about this area (which is probably obvious) and I also really love to draw (might also be obvious) so this is a fun and great challenge for me. It's also safe to say that it will be a long very long time before I run out of interesting folks to characterize!