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I'm a PR executive with Touchwood PR, a closet cartoonist, an award-winning cake designer, and now a resident of Prince Edward County. That's "cartoon me" on the left with my husband Tim and our two dogs, Walter and The Dude. If you are interested, you can click HERE for a post I wrote on how and why we ended up in this amazing place.

There are SO many great things to do here in The County, and when I hear that people are just coming down for a weekend – my head kind of explodes with ideas for an itinerary that will showcase what we love most about this area.    

The County is as culturally and historically rich as it is beautiful and there are A LOT of very interesting and inspiring businesses here with new ones popping up all the time including many fantastic restaurants and food trucks that rival those in Toronto; Over 50 wineries, a distillery, brewery, and cider house; artists and their studios, art galleries, unique shops and live theatre; farmers markets and produce stands; beaches (Sandbanks Provincial Park!!), bike and hiking trails.  There are  golf courses, a drive-in theatre, adorable B&Bs and Inns, and spas.  Lastly, the scenery, well, the scenery never fails to take my breath away.  A simple drive through The County takes you past rolling hills, beautiful farms and wineries, and stunning water views always seem to be right around the corner. Lastly, don't forget to set your car radio dial to 99.3 County FM, AKA The Voice of the County, for as long as you are here. Not only does this awesome community station offer an eclectic music selection, but also features interesting guests and hosts to help keep you up to date on all that is currently happening here. Actually, you can keep streaming it when you get back to the big smoke!

Where I have listed restaurants, shops, wineries, inns etc., I have included hyperlinks to their individual sites or social media pages and I have included phone numbers for the restaurants. Things do change here from time-to-time. There are ALWAYS new wineries, restaurants and businesses popping up (which is exciting!) and I try to keep this site as current as possible - but that can be a challenge! There are some great resources, including The County's official website at: www.visitpec.ca

The first time we heard that locals refer to those of us from the city as "citiots" (city + iditot = citiot), we laughed pretty hard but completely understood. We came here from Toronto to escape city noise and attitude ourselves. That said, it's pretty hard to leave our city behaviour behind completely.

We are often asked for recommendations on what to do in The County, so I put this little "insider" site together to illustrate some of what we love to see and do here. These are some of our favourites that might help with a first or second visit, and I'm really just scratching the surface by mostly focusing on food, wine, artists and shopping.